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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Full Metal Alchemist vs. FMA: Brotherhood

You know I really loved Full Metal Alchemist when it first came out. I watched it all the way through on adult swim.. I must have been 15 or 16 years old at the time. But I loved it back then. As I got older it became less of a favorite. Mainly because I came to realize a lot was left un-explained in it. I'm told it deviates heavily from the manga, but I haven't read the manga so.. I wouldn't know about that.

What I can tell you is. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood was a much more intriguing experience. It's developing is full of twists and turns that.. Often shock you, especially if you watched the first series that came out. There's a lot more of the story that is placed right out in the open within the first ten episodes that didn't happen until the end of FMA. By the way, Full Metal Alchemist will be referred to as FMA, and Full Metal Alchemist will be FMA: Brotherhood, or maybe FMA B.. but probably not because then that sounds like a medical certification.

In terms of the story, it just evolves much better, and keeps giving new information gradually in FMA Brotherhood, where as FMA left you at the end saying "Oh.. ok.." So it's not as confusing.

In terms of animation and music, they were pretty much the same. But the big difference was a more complex and evolving storyline.

I will note that I believe currently that FMA Brotherhood can be watched on Hulu, which is where I saw it several weeks ago.. That's all I can think to post for now.. If you want some questions answered, just leave a comment.


  1. I've had a love/hate relationship with FMA, I guess eventually pick it up again. I'm in the middle of reading Detroit Metal City and Golden Boy, shouldn't take too long before I've finished those.

  2. Anime was never big in Croatia, so I get my medicine from the Internet. I have watched the first couple of episeds of FMA, but I never managed to acquire the rest (was on dial-up back then). I think I might actually download all of it, now that i have DSL.

    I remember it seemed interesting.

  3. FMA is alright. I'm more of a fan of others though

  4. Just started watching far its pretty good

  5. Nikola, if you can access it in your country, you can check Hulu as they have the full series of FMA Brotherhood.

    The series was simply amazing in it's delivery, as where FMA simply seemed to cater to the fans rather than the story towards the end, and while they share many common elements, they are a very very different series. Both are worth watching in my opinion. If you were going to watch both, I'd say watch the original series and then watch Brotherhood.